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Welcome to Rapper Cards, the premier destination for licensed collectible hip-hop artist trading cards. Discover a wide array of collectible cards, from limited edition and autographed cards from legends in hip hop, to mainstream icons, to the greatest emerging talents. Collect and celebrate the best of the hip-hop world with Rapper Cards – your ultimate portal into the vibrant universe of rap and music artistry. Each of our unique, high-quality cards is perfect for the dedicated fan, trading card collector, or anyone with a passion for hip hop culture. Explore our wide range of cards today and become part of our growing community.


Get your hands on these exclusive officially licensed, multi-artist packs feature a variety of cards and battlers like Hollow Da Don, Charlie Clips, Rum Nitty, and Hitman Holla! Just to name a few. Score a Rapper Cards Gold Card to get your hands on very rare, limited edition autographed cards! Which battler are you hoping to score? Perfect for gifting, collecting, or just indulging in your love for hip-hop culture. The first Battle Rapper Featured Cards drop is in the coming weeks so follow us and stay tuned for more exciting updates!

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Recent Releases


Battle Rapper Cards Series 1: The Ultimate Collector’s Dream!

Attention all hip-hop enthusiasts and trading card collectors! Get ready to embark on an epic journey into the world of battle rap with the highly-anticipated Battle Rapper Cards Series 1, set to drop today! This groundbreaking series combines the thrill of collecting with the excitement of the battle rap scene, featuring your favorite battle rappers…

Get Ready for Black Friday and Battle Rapper Cards

Get ready to elevate your trading card game to a whole new level this Black Friday with our exciting announcement! We are thrilled to introduce our latest innovation: Battle Rapper Cards. Why Battle Rapper Cards? Battle rap has always been known for its electrifying performances, lyrical prowess, and unmatched charisma. It’s a world where words…

Introducing the Rapper Cards Spotify Playlist

We’re excited to share a new feature with you all: our very first Spotify playlist. We’ve handpicked 10 tracks from Rapper Cards artists that we believe represent some of the best hip hop around.